How Do Organic Popular Product Listings Work?

To make shopping easier for everyone, Google introduced the organic popular product listing. These listings feature popular products from different sellers and present them in one location. Customers can then pick the style, department, and size type that they prefer.

Their work is based on organic traffic searches rather than paid advertising. So far, the Popular Products section lets you shop for footwear, apparel, and similar products.

What is the process of a shopping campaign?

The difference between shopping campaigns and organic popular products in mobile search is that you will have to spend money to create them. In Google Ads, campaigns are used to market your products. They are similar to one another, with the main difference being that you have to pay for shopping campaigns.

What Are the Differences Between Mobile and Desktop Shopping?

A couple of factors explain why people shop more when they use their PC. One is the screen size. A desktop is just more convenient than zooming in on your phone and checking all angles of a photo. Second, mobile devices’ performance is still slower than that of desktop computers.

However, there are many reasons to optimize your mobile SEO strategy.

Let’s start with traffic. While people tend to purchase more when shopping on their desktops, they tend to browse more on their phones.

Mobile shopping also has a lot of potentials. In 2019, mobile shoppers increased by 23% compared to 2018. That’s huge. As mobile shopping becomes easier, this number will continue to grow.

Organic Popular Product Listings in Mobile Search: Why Should We Care?

The importance of mobile shopping has already been emphasized, however, we should also pay attention to popular product listings, as they will allow retailers to attract more shoppers.

In addition to the regular organic searches that have been driving your traffic so far, appearing in the Popular Products section will result in more organic traffic. For this feature to be effective though, you’ll have to optimize your product feeds and associated metadata attributes.

It is also important to be aware that this feature will appear within the already crowded mobile SERPs. We highly recommend that you monitor the results of incoming mobile traffic to determine whether adding an Organic Popular Product listing would be something that would help you to increase your online presence.

What Are Popular Product Listings?

The Popular Listings feature detailed information about the products that users are interested in. The images of each product are the first thing they see.

The next step will be providing details and links to stores that sell the merchandise. This includes details such as the name of the store, the price it charges, and the colors available.

After that, the user will see a snapshot of the review. This is because the reviews are collected from different retailers.

The last option is “Browse similar products”. Users can use it to search for products similar to the ones they are viewing right now.

The URL for the product detail page (PDP) on the webshop will be shown when the user clicks on the link.

Business owners who wish to use this feature should ensure that their product schema markup incorporates the following recommended properties when creating PDPs. Additionally, if you run the Structured Data Testing Tool and verify the markup, no errors or warnings should appear.

In addition, you should make sure you upload your merchandise into the Merchant Center product feed and follow Google’s best practices.

What Is The Effect On SEO?

Webshop owners will benefit from this new feature within mobile SERPs.

In the past, to increase your exposure and visitor numbers in Mobile Search you had two options – to pay for ads or to improve your SEO. Now that the Popular Products page has become more familiar for Google users, you will be able to drive much more mobile organic search traffic to your website.

Please be aware that this feature is influenced both by Merchant Center product feeds as well as by Product Schema markup. Your content and marketing teams should be in closer contact so that there are no issues between the two.

The paid search, SEO, and shopping ad teams will have to pay extra attention to mobile traffic. There is no information yet as to how organic traffic coming from the Popular Products section will be measured since it hasn’t yet been separated from the rest of the organic results. There is a good chance that Google will create a special report in its Search Console Performance to reflect the traffic coming from Popular Products.

Product Listings As A New Source Of Traffic For Mobile Devices

There is no way we can stress enough just how important this new feature can be for brands that want to drive more organic mobile traffic to their websites and specific PDPs of their products.

As your merchandise appears on the Popular Products listing, your brand will benefit from more organic traffic. In addition to the organic traffic you already receive, this will greatly enhance your online presence.

Therefore, if they find the same item being sold at a lower price somewhere else, your potential customers might consider making a purchase there instead. They may even give up on buying the desired goods once they discover the reviews are not as favorable as they anticipated.

Getting Organic Popular Products listings in mobile search can improve the effectiveness of your website and your online retail business. To learn more, contact our E-Commerce SEO agency in Las Vegas today.