How we used our SEO strategy to
increase calls to a local business
by 29% in 3 months

Before We Met

Our client, a criminal attorney in New Jersey, had experienced a series of unfortunate events with his previous digital marketing providers. Despite an aggressive monthly retainer for marketing services, his calls and leads were not increasing. He didn’t even own his website. And this was after paying
thousands and thousands in expenses. His firm’s online marketing was underperforming.


“Bullet ProofStrategy

After analyzing the competition and identifying the most successful strategies, we decided to alter the course of the previous marketing strategy. Instead of focusing on small towns and counties in New Jersey that had limited search volume and a small potential audience, we decided to target the entire state of New Jersey, and maximize our Marketing impact.

The Results…

We started working with this client in June of 2021. Our early focus was on launching a modern website that the client owned, as well as the initial Google My Business optimization. We fine-tuned his technical SEO elements, his local brand, content and even his social traffic strategy. Until we had the exact results we were after… A Local Traffic Funnel with a 20% increase in new users, an 88% increase in Google Map views, and a 29% increase in calls from maps. Want some of the same? Our SEO agency in Las Vegas can help your business achieve the same kind of results. Simply contact us today!


Are you looking to get more calls to your business?

The truth is there are a lot of businesses out there that we can’t help, let alone do much for. You know what I mean right? So it might be more appropriate to have a 10-15 minute chat to see what you have done in the past and what you’re doing now, just to see if we can even help.