An effective paid search management strategy can make the difference between a campaign that succeeds and one that fails early and wastes ad spending. With Search Engine Marketing (SEM), your business can easily attract new customers when they search for your products or services. The problem is that if your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign isn’t configured or optimized correctly, these tools will hinder your overall marketing efforts. For example, a thousand dollars isn’t much to have, but it is a lot to lose in any advertising campaign. If your configuration is incorrect, you can either waste your ad budget or worse, lose a significant amount of it altogether.

PPC is powered by artificial intelligence. Advanced algorithms help you optimize your ad strategy and lower your cost per click (CPC), but they can’t be relied upon to achieve this goal. Even with all the good things AI can do, such as its ability to continuously learn and adapt, it doesn’t have the solid insight, intellect, improvisation, or even intuition that humans possess to make informed choices about the details of a campaign. We can accomplish more with automation and less manual effort, but it shouldn’t be confused with autopilot. To run successfully, a campaign requires paid search management, where a professional can remain in control at all times and supervise the progress. As a result, if you were hoping to set and forget it, you might be disappointed.

Alerts Can Be Helpful, But Should Not Be Used Alone

A notification alert can help you stay on budget by keeping you informed of specific events. As a result, you have more control over your paid search management campaign and can make periodic adjustments to make sure that your campaign remains on course. 


The following five alert levels can offer strategic benefits for your campaigns:



You can use account-level alerts to determine which accounts have low conversion volumes and focus on optimizing them for set goals.


By identifying any weak links in your account, you can optimize the account at the campaign level and increase your averages.


Alerts at the label level can help you monitor specific targets within brand campaigns and product collections.

Bid Strategy

Although AI functionality is designed to help you manage your bid strategy, alerts are needed so you can monitor whether your ad spend is being allocated efficiently.


Budget-level alerts allow you to maximize your success within your budget, without overspending on underperforming or no accounts.

It has been stated that alerts are useful, but on their own, they cannot guarantee success. With paid search management, Pay Per Click professionals can monitor every phase of your campaign and optimize your campaign based on their expertise and experience with this type of marketing. These processes assure better results.

Using Mac J Web for Paid Search Management

You can count on our SEO experts in Las Vegas to create ads that attract the right customers and manage your advertising campaigns. With results that are data-driven from the beginning, you will be able to achieve a positive ROI. With search engine marketing, we rely both on geofencing and programmatic marketing strategies. Find out how our industry-leading team can help generate the most ROI from your paid search management campaigns by contacting us today.