As part of the link-building process, creating newsworthy content is a vital step that can be arguably the best way to get those links. To create the content successfully, you will need to do some research to ensure those who will read it will find it as interesting as you do.

The best way to figure out what types of content are newsworthy is to see who your competitors are getting links from and what type of content is on those pages that are being linked to. After you have obtained that information, you can then brainstorm what kind of content you need to produce to gain similar links.

In creating newsworthy content, there are three main components to consider – data, emotion, and impact.

Essentially, you have to create your news by gathering information on industry-relevant topics, and emotion and impact refer to the fact that your content should make readers feel the way you want them to.

Use Data To Break Your News

Since most companies do not have a news operation in general or even a breaking news department, data is probably the hardest component to obtain. Where can you find this “breaking news”?” This can be done using a combination of internal and external sources. In addition to your company’s internal data, you can do a customer survey to find out what your customers are thinking about. To dive deeply into such data, you’ll need permission, but it could prove both rewarding and insightful. If you aren’t granted permission or your company data isn’t that interesting there are always external data sources to comb through. The government and a wide variety of organizations, foundations, institutions, etc, produce a ton of publicly available data sets that give you the information you need. As a result of combining data points from different sources, you’ll likely create new, newsworthy information.

Engage Your Readers

The best way to inject emotion into your content is to take advantage of the interesting parts or create content around them. When incorporating emotion into your content, you need to ask yourself, “Is this going to make someone feel something?” It is important not only that your content evokes emotion in the reader but also that it communicates a specific emotion to the reader. It is up to you which emotion to manifest and it depends on the subject matter and goal of each piece of content. When you aren’t sure what emotion fits with your content, a bit of surprise is always a good idea because new and unexpected things tend to get an audience’s attention. You’ll end up working with what the data gives you, but you can always inject the same emotion into the content that you had when you discovered it.

Considering Importance

Last but not least, the impact will dictate what content you publish. Even the most interesting data in the world won’t register as newsworthy if your target audience doesn’t find it relevant or it doesn’t seem to affect their daily lives. Getting a PR or digital marketing team involved with this component might be recommended.

Creating newsworthy content involves creating original information with emotional resonance for a particular audience. Although it may seem complicated for a single piece of content, it is extremely important in terms of the link-building process.

Let’s Create Content Together!

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