What type of content marketing do you have in place? Have you been struggling to gain any traction on the search engine results page, regardless of how many “best practices” you have put into action? This might mean that you are making one of the following content marketing mistakes. The fact is that, despite what you may be led to believe, content marketing is far from easy for even those with extensive experience. Do you make these mistakes with your SEO content?

You do not even know who your audience is

It’s easy to say, “Of course, I know the people I’m speaking to”. But are you sure? Getting to know your target audience goes far beyond knowing whether they have an interest in your product or service. It’s about understanding why they are interested in you and how they are seeking you. For instance:

Tone: It is important that you do not speak in such a technical way that your customers are unable to understand. However, you should also avoid weakening your content. Be aware of your buyer personas.

Keywords: Keywords play an important role in almost all forms of search engine marketing and search engine optimization. For example, how do searchers discover your niche audience? Are they looking for the exact term or are they conducting a broader search in an attempt to cast a wide net? Do not disregard the importance of keyword research.

You’re not adding any value

The “aha” moment is what makes a searcher keep coming back to your website. Search engine users who feel they have learned something from your website are more likely to bookmark your page, follow you on social media, or even contact you. But how can you provide value while avoiding these content marketing mistakes?

Mistakes in content marketing

Don’t be afraid to share your insights: It’s not uncommon for us to be afraid of sharing a good idea. Success is determined by how you execute your ideas. Not by the ideas themselves.

Offer a product: Do you sell ebooks? Are you offering a course? If not, why not? Customers return to your site when they feel like they have gained something. In addition, these offers are a great way to get potential customers on your mailing list and generate leads for your business. 

When you set it, you forget about it

That’s great. You’ve done your keyword research, you wrote an excellent blog post, and you’ve even created an ebook. That blog definitely qualifies as SEO content. But the job isn’t done. Make sure you’re not making any content marketing mistakes. Keep your posts updated, promote your content, and engage with your audience. Your content is more likely to rank high on the SERP and become shareable if you engage and update regularly.

And if your content is shareable, share it. Your omnichannel presence is essential to your success. Yes, this includes how video can help you find your brand’s voice.


It’s like you’re giving away the goods for free

You don’t have to charge for things, but it’s okay to ask for something back. Make a link so people can spread the news about your post. You might also want to ask your customers to share their thoughts and feedback. The most important thing is to remember to include your call to action. Inform your customers what you wish for them to do. Also, be sure to check the content marketing mistakes listed in the aforementioned bullet points. We at Mac J Web adhere to both national and local SEO models for our content.

Those terms, like “keyword research,” “buyer personas,” and “lead generation,” might seem intimidating to you, but don’t worry about them. There is a lot of work involved in checking your SEO content and checking for content marketing errors. Our team is here to assist you. Mac J Web is an SEO company in Las Vegas that specializes in SEO content marketing. Let us help you avoid the common mistakes in content marketing. Get in touch with Mac J Web today for more information and to schedule a free quote.