Almost everything in our world these days is digital, so digital marketing has become increasingly important to each industry’s success. For startups that are trying to build a brand image and cement themselves in the minds of their target audience, digital marketing is extremely important – it’s a comprehensive strategy that will help them understand their customers, allowing them to make data-driven decisions that will allow them to grow and sustain their operations. While startups may hope to compete with established businesses and brands, they cannot afford the same digital marketing services. This makes choosing the most effective digital marketing strategies challenging. With our years of experience working with startups of all types with our SEO agency in Las Vegas that offers digital marketing services, Mac J Web has learned which strategies to employ. 

Our 5 digital marketing tips for startups are as follows:

Marketing by Email

Email marketing has dramatically declined in popularity over the last decade, but as of 2012, about 90.3% of Americans were using it. The Data and Marketing Association conducted a study that found that the more money a business spends on email marketing, the better its return on investment is. The study showed the benefits of email marketing and how it produces interest, loyalty, and repeat purchases. Don’t fix what isn’t broken – simple as that.

Content Marketing

Since “content marketing” can mean so many different things, it is a rather vague term. Here’s a definition. A content marketing strategy involves creating and distributing content consistently. You can use content in a variety of ways, such as videos, articles, webinars, social media posts, etc. Through content marketing, businesses can clearly show and tell how their product or service stands out from the competition. Moreover, it improves brand visibility, boosts brand awareness, builds credibility and authority, and facilitates consumer relationships.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In simple terms, SEO means improving the visibility of your website, product, or service on search engines when people search for them. Your website’s visibility will obviously increase the chances of attracting prospective customers, and SEO can also help convert them into customers. Almost all SEO is done with Google in mind since it is the world’s largest search engine.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC, or pay-per-click, is the process of driving traffic to your website by placing ads in search engines. You can see this by searching for any product on Google. Each time one of their ads is clicked, businesses and advertisers are charged. Startups benefit from PPC because they can reach customers at the right time, they do not have to wait for results, and they can control how much they spend, so it’s affordable and can have a high return on investment.

Marketing through social media

You’re probably going to find a lot of future loyal customers on one of the most popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Social media is one of the best digital marketing strategies for startups due to the sheer number of people using it – 82% of Americans use social media, and that number grows every year – and the amount of time they spend on it – the average American spends over two hours on social media every day. Marketing through social media can increase traffic and exposure for startups, generate leads, and improve search rankings.



The following five strategies are just a few that can help startups establish themselves in the market. There are many more, but these are the best ones for startups. Get in touch with Mac J Web today to learn more about other digital marketing strategies, or to start taking advantage of the benefits of effective digital marketing campaigns.