Your site could be missing out on a lot of traffic if it isn’t optimized for Google voice search.  If you consistently and persistently optimize your site for optimum user experience, considering the variety of devices users may use to access your site, you can expect to rank well for the target keywords as well as increase your incoming traffic and conversion rate.

It’s now considered an integral part of SEO to use voice search, and this is even more important than using mobile SEO since you aren’t just targeted at businesses where people are traveling and searching on their smartphones. Voice search capabilities, artificial intelligence, and voice assistant technology are becoming more popular, and even people sitting at their desks are using them instead of putting fingers on keyboards.

Search engines such as Google and Bing pay attention to whether your web pages are designed to be used by people using both their voice and keyboards to make purchases.  The results of these searches are reflected in search engine results pages. Voice search continues to grow in popularity, and as a result, your efforts to appeal to keyboard searchers as well as voice searchers will pay off as more people use voice search to help them make their purchasing decisions.

Early Adoption Has Passed

People of all ages are becoming accustomed to using voice search. Your target market, whether gen Z or baby boomers, uses voice search on a regular basis for everything from asking about the weather to finding local movie showtimes, to making reservations, to finding a local roofer/plumber/electrician to finding the best televisions, computers, SUVs, etc.  

Voice Search SEO Can Be Improved With Data Mining

How often do you check your website analytics? How well are you optimized for voice searchers based on their results? Have you noticed any trends or bounce rates that indicate you need to improve SEO? 

Though search terms don’t always indicate whether someone is using a keyboard or a voice assistant, it’s helpful to make sure you cater to people with and without a visual display. In order to achieve voice search SEO success, you should use natural language when writing and optimizing your web content.  Analyzing and interpreting your web traffic reports regularly will greatly help you with SEO. 

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You can convert voice search customers to succeed by providing succinct answers and clear call-to-actions on your site, as well as visually appealing visuals. A lot of people want answers fast, so they are hungry for them.

The Voice Search Revolution is Changing SEO

The smartphone and voice assistant revolutionized SEO. Instead of adding it to your strategy to cater to up to X% of mobile voice search queries, the number is steadily rising. Voice assistants aren’t just used on mobile phones. Their PCs are equipped with tools like Cortana. Various voice assistant tools are used by people, such as Siri, Bixby, Genie, and others. Other options include Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc. 

Users with and without screens will benefit from companies that incorporate Google voice search strategies into their search engine optimization strategies.y, if you’re not considering how voice search is changing SEO, you’ll lose out on the opportunities it presents. Statistically, it’s believed that the year 2020 will see a vast increase in voice searches for products and searches.

Responsive Web Design + Voice Search = Success

When it comes to using your website as a lead generation tool, consider user experience in your marketing strategy.  Your prospective customers will be happier if you make it easy for them to contact you. 

The following tips may help:
  • Feature your content in Google snippets. It’s possible that your featured snippet will be read aloud if you have them and a great SEO strategy. It is important to craft helpful content to get your site noticed, seen as an authority in your niche, and therefore get more traffic and rankings.
  • Long-tail optimization. These days, SEO strategies that use geography are essential. In addition to optimizing your metadata, make sure your off-page and on-page content marketing efforts are localized. 
  • Ensure your listings on local directories and review sites are optimized and accurate.
  • Make sure you have claimed your red balloon/business listing on Google.
  • On your website, use natural language to appeal to bots that search for answers.
  • Make sure you answer frequently asked questions on your site succinctly. Google Home and Alexa, etc. find the best way to answer questions in voice search both with and without screens. Being succinct is subjective, of course, but after answering your questions, look at your answers and eliminate needless words without losing the flow. 
  • Take advantage of voice search both on-page and off-page.
  • Make sure your site loads quickly. Today’s searchers want fast, concise information.

Check Out Today’s Traffic Sources

What types of searches are arriving on your website, according to your website analytics? How many keyword searches do you have coming in that suggest that people are searching for you via voice search? Consider optimizing the pages they arrive on further to appeal to the searches they get, based on click-through rates and bounce rates. 

When looking for SEO help, choose a marketing company that uses voice search to enhance its search engine optimization services. Mac J Web is a local Las Vegas SEO Agency that offers a few different strategies including custom campaigns to fit your business needs. Book a call with one of our Las Vegas SEO consultants here just to see if we could possibly help you rank on the first page of google.