Businesses can use email lists to increase sales, though many don’t invest resources into growing their list. Others grow their lists by adding paying customers and then they send periodic emails to try to generate repeat business – but there is a much better way to grow your list with customers who are already interested in your products or services. Through Facebook, you can build and grow email lists, and through a simple yet effective email marketing campaign, you can start collecting a large amount of new customer information that will increase your revenue. To get started, you just need a lead magnet.

How does a Lead Magnet work?

Every type of business in every industry uses lead magnets. They are essential for gathering information about potential clients and are often used in email marketing campaigns. This type of marketing is popular because it is effective and can bring new customers into your business quickly. A lead magnet is a small gift – usually free – that you give to prospects in exchange for their e-mail addresses. There is no need to worry…they understand the deal. You may have encountered lead magnets without even realizing it, as they are used everywhere. Even a simple offer, such as 10% off the first purchase at a retail store, can be used as a lead magnet if customers are asked to exchange their email addresses. Lead magnets are available in many forms in the digital age, including:

  • Downloadable content like ebooks, templates, or checklists
  • Webinars or videos of online training
  • Discount codes, coupons, or free shipping offers
  • Newsletters, reports, or quotes
  • …and many others


What a Lead Magnet Can Do for Your Business 

Consider what your business can offer for free in exchange for email addresses as a lead magnet to expand your email list. Whatever it is, you’ll want to ensure that it will encourage customers to buy other products from you. The more valuable your lead magnet is, the better it will perform. Creating a Facebook ad campaign with a strong call to action will help you attract the people who will engage with your offer. You should make your CTA the most important part of your campaign by making it compelling and practically irresistible.

If you want to collect email addresses from your visitors, make sure your mobile-friendly webpage has a form that they can complete, or use Facebook’s lead forms that appear right on the ad once it has been clicked. Keeping prospects on Facebook throughout is more effective in terms of reducing abandonment because they won’t get confused when they’re transferred to a new page. Once they input their email and click submit, you’ll send them an automated email thanking them and directing them to your website where they can claim your offer. 

Depending on your funnel complexity, you can also include a sales letter for an inexpensive paid product that will help you break even and run ads for free here (this might be a landing page or something similar where you can deliver their free gift and invite them to reach out with any questions).

You must maintain their interest in your emails by providing them with a constant flow of valuable content. Don’t be too pushy, salesy, or pitchy in your email, but tell them more about your company and how you can help them. Sending emails that scream “BUY MY STUFF” won’t keep them on your list for very long!

Mac J Web Can Help You Grow Your Email List

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