There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need any written content on your high-quality visual website. Even the most beautiful visuals cannot equal the value of well-written content.

A Well-written Website Can Encourage Visitors To Explore

There have been extensive consumer studies conducted on the behavior of consumers. According to these studies, you have a very small window of opportunity to capture the attention of viewers and get them to visit your website. On average, you have five seconds to grab the attention of your potential consumers. Typically, it takes only one good visual aid to catch the attention of your prospects, but it is the written content that encourages them to explore your website further.

When consumers see a compelling visual, they immediately want to learn more. A few of the questions that start to race through their minds include:

  • How does the image relate to your business?
  • Are there any stories behind the image or video?
  • What impact will the image have on their lives?

These questions need to be answered in your content. If your content is well written and full of valuable information, your readers will spend hours reading through pages and pages of your content.

Your written content must be paired with high-quality visuals that:

  • Support the visualโ€™s message
  • Adding value to the visual
  • Written in a way that’s easy for consumers to understand

The Search Engines Love Written Content

It is possible to use tags, captions, and headers on your website to enable search engines to associate value with your visual content, but at the end of the day, it is written content that impacts your search engine ranking.

Written content remains the most effective way to ensure that your site is filled with the right keywords so that search engines can find your site relevant. Write content that includes the words your target market uses when searching for information about your products/services. The keywords must be incorporated into page titles, headings, captions, and throughout the body of the text as well.

Links, both internal links that are important for visitors to navigate your website and external links that lead to other relevant content, have a symbiotic relationship and are an essential part of writing high-quality content. In other words, it does not necessarily mean that you should post random links on your website. You should follow the following best practices:

  • Make sure the links you create are relevant to the content.
  • You must make sure the websites you link to are well ranked by Google and other search engines.
  • Check the links frequently to make sure they’re still valid.
  • You may want to ask the site you’re including in your written content if they would be willing to include a link to your site. Adding a link to your site will improve your rank on Google.

It’s a good idea to use your social media accounts to create links for your written content so the search engines find it. The more links they find leading to your website, the better your ranking will be, which is why it’s a good idea to use social media accounts to create links that lead to your written content.

Engaging Written Content

Great visuals are what draw people to your website, but it’s the written content that engages them. They’ll consider the photo for a moment before they shift their focus to the written content that you’ve paired with it. That content can serve as a fantastic call to action. A high-quality visual aide pairs well with a call to action such as:

  • An invitation to learn more about a product
  • Getting their opinion or story about something
  • Requesting the visitor to click a link that leads them to related content or video

Quality always wins over quantity when it comes to creating written content for your website. If you cannot post SEO-friendly, relevant, high-quality written content, you’re wasting your time.


The Best Way to Get ROI from Written Content

You shouldn’t simply fill your website with written content. You want each piece of content you publish to bring you the best return on investment. Some of the best-written content that leads to the highest ROI is:

  • The creation of content enhances the reader’s life. The content needs to be thought-provoking instead of gimmicky.
  • Content that is relevant to the page’s topic.
  • Created for your target audience.
  • It should be written in a way that builds trust between you and the members of your target market.
  • Your website should have content that includes all the elements that search engines consider when ranking it.

Now is the perfect time for you to learn about the benefits of having high-quality written content for your company. Get in touch with our SEO expert in Las Vegas today and discover how digital marketing can help you build your brand and enhance your visibility at the same time.