When you are using your YouTube channel to inform potential customers or engage them with your brand, you know how important it is to increase the number of views and the CTR of your videos. By attracting unique visitors to your content, you increase your valuable Click-Through Rate (CTR), in which a subset of your viewers click on a link to move to your brand’s website and purchase your products and services. CTR is important because it contributes to your quality score!

Once your video marketing plan has been implemented, how can you ensure a high CTR and sustained growth? Here are some of the methods an expert video marketer will use to maximize engagement with your YouTube video content:

Knowing Your YouTube Niche Is Your First Step

We will start with market research, then increase YouTube views and CTR. Understanding what kinds of viewers find your content appealing will help you determine what types of potential clients you can attract with great YouTube content. As part of this research, you will need to identify the ‘pain points’ of your current customers and prospects, notice the kinds of videos that are getting lots of views, and begin tracking your content’s performance. It is also important to start monitoring current click-through rates and views so that you can make comparisons with your optimization outcomes in grading the effectiveness of those efforts. 

You Can Use Tools To Find Great YouTube Titles and Keywords

You can use SEO tools that let you know what keywords are being typed into search engines most frequently. A great way to optimize your title, tags, and description is to make sure that they are aligned with the exact queries you are trying to answer. Optimizing the few text fields associated with your video will increase your views and click-through rate. Your video will also be more likely to show up organically on YouTube when your target audience searches for videos! 

Make Your Videos Eye-Catching with Thumbnails

YouTube is one of the most visually stimulating mediums; if you choose an appealing screenshot as your thumbnail instead of something boring like a blurry picture of a person’s face, you will instantly draw in viewers and boost YouTube views. Consider your thumbnail to be the calling card of your entire video, so that viewers can’t resist pausing to watch your video as they scroll through search results.

Your videos should tell a story

It’s not enough to get people to your YouTube video’s page; many viewers will navigate away immediately if they feel disengaged once the video starts. You should begin the video with a punchy introduction, but leave some excitement for the middle and the end. Having a strong narrative and useful content will help you increase your YouTube views and CTR. Once people are captivated by your work and are rewarded with a click-through to your site, you’ve done your job successfully. 

Create A Loyal Brand Following By Incorporating Subscriber CTAs

In addition to encouraging viewers to visit your website to shop, a fully-fledged YouTube campaign will also encourage people to subscribe to your channel and increase YouTube views and click-through rates. This option is similar to signing up for a newsletter since YouTube automatically shares all future videos with this user. With a large subscriber base, you can boost your YouTube views. As videos become more influential among others as well, there will be more comments, likes, and views as a result. By including a call to action directing the lead to your site or channel, you can keep the lead engaged in the process even if they aren’t ready to make a purchase. As a result, this results in a long-term higher CTR.

It’s not easy to launch a video marketing campaign, but once you do, you’ll see how rewarding and effective it can be. Want to know more? Find out how to increase YouTube views and CTR by getting in touch with our Las Vegas SEO company.