Every business that wants to succeed online needs a good website design. Search engine results pages (SERPs) can be improved by optimizing the design of your website. Optimization of a website for search engines is known as search engine optimization (SEO). If your site does not appear on the first two pages of search results, potential customers and existing customers will have a hard time finding your website. You should have a comprehensive SEO strategy in place when designing your new website with a web design agency.

Most businesses don’t think about SEO until after they have hired a website design company to build or redesign their site. Most of the sites look great, but they often lack basic SEO techniques and best practices.

Website Design Services That Are SEO-Friendly

SEO and web design are closely related. For a web design company to create a website that is search engine friendly, it must understand the basic SEO principles. As part of web design services, SEO should be considered. By ranking well in the SERPs for relevant search terms, the website gains more search engine traffic.

Additionally, web design has a direct impact on user experience (UX), which is crucial to SEO. The SEO web design company develops a website structure that caters to the way search engines crawl and understand the site. As a result, search engines can better index the website’s pages.

In this article, we will discuss seven important web design and SEO principles that all businesses should incorporate into their website designs. In this way, the website becomes more search engine friendly without sacrificing its unique look and feel.

The seven principles below should also be understood by your web design agency of choice.

  • Information Architecture and Site Structure

During the web design process, SEO web design companies should make sure that the website architecture and navigation are well-defined. Website architecture describes your site’s basic structure. Having a clean layout is crucial to UX – it will entice users and prevent them from leaving your website. It is possible to hurt your SEO performance if your bounce rate is high.

In order for your website design company to effectively engage and navigate your site, they should create an intuitive information architecture and navigation. A website’s SEO will benefit from easy crawling and internal link distribution to keep the audience engaged for longer and ultimately increase conversions.

  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design

In 2015, Google began ranking websites based on how mobile-friendly they are. 52.64 percent of total global online traffic was attributed to mobile devices in 2017. Additionally, Google this year announced that mobile-first indexing would be applied to every single website by September. Therefore, every website should be mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendliness is achieved by using responsive design, which takes into account mobile users’ needs. Responsive design provides a perfect user experience regardless of the device used to access your site.

  • User-friendly

Bad usability leads to a bad user experience. Having good usability means that users will spend more time on your site and ultimately purchase your products.

User-friendly site design should consider the following factors:

  • Site navigation
  • Page layout
  • Site search
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Contact forms
  • Clear and consistent calls-to-action (CTAs)

  • Site Design That is Easy To Read

Most people don’t realize how much their website design can affect their content. Websites with poor web design make it difficult for users to read the content.

You should be aware of the following negative factors when choosing a web design agency:

  • Too big or small text
  • Hard-to-read font
  • Colored text on a white or black background
  • Too many hyperlinks
  • Content with blocks of content in strange places

All these factors will lead users to leave your site if they don’t understand the message you’re trying to convey. As a result, your bounce rate will rise significantly, and you will lose customers to your competitors as well.

  • Optimized Web Design For Conversions

A website that doesn’t attract potential customers isn’t doing its job. The only way to convert a user into a buyer is to optimize your website for conversion rate optimization (CRO). Conversion rate optimization helps a site convert leads into sales.

If you want your visitors to take a certain action on your site, you should naturally guide them to it. The best conversion-oriented websites have a strong SEO strategy, slick and easy-to-navigate designs, and call-to-action buttons. You may want your visitors to fill out a contact form, purchase your product, schedule an appointment, or book your service. The conversion rate of this website case study grew by 30 percent year-over-year by improving the site’s design and structure.

  • Optimizing Your Site For Speed

The design of your website can affect the speed at which your site loads for your users, so consider this when choosing a website design company. A slow loading time can negatively impact your company’s user experience and lead to higher bounce rates. Large images, animations, and other complicated design elements might look great on your site, but your users won’t see them since they’ll leave before your site is fully loaded. The biggest reason for increased bounce rates is slow loading speed.

Having a fast-loading site ensures a better user experience, which encourages visitors to stay on your site and allows you to nudge them towards a conversion. You can improve your site speed by reducing elements that cause a lag in loading by using web design services.

  • Image Optimization

A website’s image files are an important part of the design, and optimizing them is an important part of search engine optimization.

When using images on your website, there are a few aspects to consider:

  • Make sure the image size is right for fast downloads
  • Alt text — describe the image in descriptive alt text to make it easier for those with sight impairments to identify the image.
  • Image name — give the image a name that clearly describes what it is
Final thoughts

By focusing on SEO and creating a responsive and conversion-focused website, your site becomes search engine-friendly and attractive to your audience. With the right web design company, you can create a website that provides your visitors with the right information about your business and brand. Hire a professional SEO web design company and you could soon enjoy increased traffic, leading to increased sales and leads.

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