In today’s culture, businesses must stay in touch with their audience about their services more than ever before. It is no longer necessary for potential customers to search phone books or print out MapQuest directions to find the information they are looking for with Google My Business (GMB)! GMB allows businesses to reach a wider audience through the use of its categories.

Have you heard of Google My Business?

In Google My Business, businesses can create profiles containing information about themselves, like their location, hours of operation, special events, and website. Listings of restaurants often include a menu and whether customers can dine indoors or pick up at curbside. GMB had existed before COVID-19, but the pandemic emphasized the importance of businesses communicating changes in schedules and choice options quickly to their audience.

You can also use GMB to interact with those who review your business on Google Maps in addition to providing critical information about the most recent updates about your business. Not only is your profile being placed on Google Maps,  but users will be able to find your listing via location-based searches, and it will also appear in relevant searches. Searching for “plumbers near me” on Google may have shown you a list of GMB profiles categorized as Plumbing Companies in your area.

Choosing your Google My Business category

Google My Business will ask you to select your categories when creating your profile, which will help them show your business to potential customers. Finding the right categories can be a challenging task, as choosing the first ones that pop into your head won’t provide the results you are hoping for.

The best way to find good categories is to maximize their effectiveness, and there are several ways to do this:

  • Analyze Your Customers’ Searches – Keyword research is the first step in many forms of effective digital marketing. Identify the search terms that users are using when searching for any products or services your company offers. It is usually hard to strike a balance between the keywords’ search volume and their relevance to the business. Put yourself in front of people, but target those who are willing to buy what you’re offering.
  • Identify Your Competition’s Strategy – Assuming your competitors are already using Google My Business, it would be prudent to search for relevant keywords for the phrase you wish to target to see what results Google provides. Take note of the categories your competitors are using, as you may want to target some of them yourself.
  • Discover Overlooked Phrases – It is often the case that terms with low search volume but high relevance to your business being overlooked when it comes to optimizing your digital presence for local audiences – especially if your business is in a niche market. Some of these strategies can help your business gain an audience, get more reviews, and build your presence on Google’s platforms.

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Google My Business Can Triple the Amount of Calls your currently Getting With Mac J Web

As Google My Business has quickly become the most popular way for users to find businesses nearby, it is imperative that you use it to help customers find you.

Professional marketers know that although it is free and relatively easy to set up a Google My Business profile, they must regularly update information, choose Google My Business Categories, monitor their effectiveness, and take advantage of new tools and features as they become available.

The Mac J Web team has been utilizing Google My Business to build our clients’ brands since the very beginning, bringing them local leads every day from the neighborhood they live in. Get in touch with our Las Vegas SEO agency today to learn how we can take your online presence to the next level so you can grow your business in 2022 and beyond.